Does the perfect job exist?

Okay so I didn’t expect to be back living with my parents at age 40.  Added to the fact I am slowly dying of boredom in my current job I seem to have taken a wrong turn somewhere down the line.  Ok so I know with the current financial crisis I probably should be just glad to have a job but I always dreamed of that job that made you leap out of bed in the morning like the cereal commercials on tv.  But maybe they don’t really exist? When I think about my friends the ones who actually enjoy what they do are such a small minority, maybe the perfect job is a pipe dream.

But being the eternal cynical optimist; as a friend of mine always says you have to start out an idealist to become a cynic; I have decided to get off my pyjama clad ass and do something about where I seemed to have landed.

Step one is start applying for new jobs.  Tricky when you are 40 and still don’t know what you want to be when you grow up but you have to start somewhere.

Step two is career counselling on Tuesday.  Ok so maybe step one should come after step two and this could probably explain why I am in the situation I am in. But patience has never been my virtue and the chances of getting the job I am applying for are pretty slim, given the lack of qualifications I have that match the job.  So what have I got to lose.


~ by Caroline on October 3, 2009.

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