Not a successful start

So this career change has not started so successfully.  Decided not to apply for the job that I wasn’t qualified for.  Responding to selection criteria when you don’t have a clue what the selection criteria even means is probably a good indication that the job is not for you.

Then was supposed to have an introductory session with the career counsellor.  Was already for her to call me and nothing happened.  She had written down my phone number wrong.  Do I want to trust someone who has phone number issues?  Anyway we have rescheduled for tomorrow so will see how it goes.  Had a look at other possible career counsellors, but I really like the package they offer. Plus I get to do Myer Briggs again.  Love those assessment type things.

This career change stuff actually started just over a year ago.  Was burnt out in my old job and spoke to a career counsellor which led me to quitting my job and starting a Masters in Demography.  Have really enjoyed the Masters but the only catch is I hadn’t actually worked out where it would lead.  With hindsight perhaps not the smartest move but hey I have always been a bit impetuous and I have had fun at Uni.  But hopefully this next round of counselling will be a bit more focussed.


~ by Caroline on October 6, 2009.

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