Not the only one

I have been surprised by the number of friends who have said they are interested in hearing how the career counselling goes.  Ok so some of my friends I knew were not exactly enamoured with their job but have been surprised to get the comment from friends I thought were happy and content in what they were doing.  I guess it never hurts to assess where you are and where you are going.

I did catch up with the career counsellor the day after we were supposed to talk and was very impressed.  She even suggested I could visit my uni career counsellor and get help for free.  I had looked at the uni service but wasn’t that excited by what they were offering.  She has also agreed to a weekend meeting this weekend.   Ok so I know it may not be a fantastic time for her businesswise with the economy as it is but still pretty good if you ask me.

Also had homework to do.  I had to look at occupations on a website and write down which ones appealed to me and why – the website sets out key characteristics of a number of jobs (over 200 I think) .  The website address is:

if anyone is interested.  The task was to think about what careers I would like regardless of whether they were feasible or not.  Was very nice to go back to dreaming I was 18 and starting afresh.  Is it too late at 40 to try again?  The jobs I liked the look of were quite varied.  Archealogist, forensic technican (too much watching CSI???), travel agent and the list went on.

I also had to look at what I valued at work which was much more difficult.  The website for doing this was:

Really had to try and think what I valued rather than what I thought I should value.  Which was not easy.  I think I like busy workplaces, I admit to liking a bit of drama at work and love helping people.  So what is the right job for these values? Did make me realise that my current job is a complete mismatch to my values.

Will see where this all leads with my meeting tomorrow.


~ by Caroline on October 16, 2009.

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