Scary but exciting stuff

The meeting with the career counsellor was great.  Has made me think about what I do value in a job and how much my past jobs have not satisfied what I value.  I have always thought that I was better doing analysis etc. But after reflecting on what has made me happy in the past (cause lets be honest, not everything about my previous jobs has been awful), what MBTI has to say about my type and what I said I valued after doing on the online stuff, I really enjoy working with others (not supervising, hate supervising) but in a mentoring role.  I have done some mentoring in the past – helping people understand financial information and have gotten a real buzz when they say they now have the confidence to look at financial information on their own, questions what they are seeing and discuss it with finance people.

We also had a great talk about whether I go with gut feelings or not.  I do get great gut feelings, they are nearly always right.  But I come from a family where you are supposed to analyse and consider everything very carefully, which normally means I ignore those gut feelings which generally prove to be right!  So I think I have to learn how to have the courage of my convictions.

And the big thing my gut is telling me is to quit my current job.  I had been toying with the idea but had thought it was just a fantasy and not the responsible thing to do.  I am lucky that at the moment I don’t have any financial commitments (though I do live with my parents…)  Then the career counsellor said to just do it.  I thought about it and decided I would quit and had such a feeling of relief.  But then decided to wait until my uni semester is over so that it does muck around with exams etc.  So of course have now had time to overanalyse resigning and now wavering about my decision.  Am not very good at this being brave thing.  That feeling of relief was so strong and know I should pay attention to it!  Any advice on how to take such a big step?


~ by Caroline on October 24, 2009.

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