Too much analysing

So have just finished my homework for my next counselling session tomorrow.  I have had to do a mind map to think more clearly about two of my goals as well as looking at what skills I already have.  The other task was to ask 5-6 friends I had worked with what skills I have that I under rate.  Most have said mentoring/providing support to others which I knew most of them would say and is something I have not thought about seriously making a career in the past.  Trouble is you have to mentor or provide support in something not just have the nice idea about generally being helpful.

Will be good to have this meeting tomorrow as I have been analysing (or perhaps that should be obsessing) about what I want to do when I grow up.   Maybe two weeks between appointments is a bit too long for my overactive imagination.  Plus next week is the week when I finish my uni exams and hand in my notice.  Will be nice to get that off my mind even if I am a bit stressed about telling work.  Hopefully they will understand and the person who I think will not be very supportive of the decision is then going on leave…..  Nothing like a bit of timing.





~ by Caroline on November 2, 2009.

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