Ok so the last meeting was great. I think I enjoy talking about me and what I want to do way too much. This could become very addictive and very expensive.

But am I coming closer to what I want to do. Mentoring/counselling is featuring highly on the like to do list. I had to ask 5 friends what they thought I was good at but didn’t give myself credit for and mentoring came up quite a bit.

I think my concern is that it is all a bit worthy. Having worked for a not-for-profit and volunteered overseas, I am worried that I am doing things that make people think I am good person, rather than just being who I am.

I still like the idea of having my own bookshop. But not sure how realistic that really is with the way the market is changing, e-books etc.

But my big step last week was not quitting but asking to go part time 3 days a week. Am going to spend the other two days trying stuff out – will look for some casual work and also looking at volunteering opportunities.

I have also bought two books to read as part of this process of finding a job I love, Barbara Sher’s I could do anything if only I knew what it was and Richard Bolles What colour is your parachute? 2010. Will be interesting to see how they go as just from the brief skim in the bookshop they are quite different.


~ by Caroline on November 14, 2009.

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