Hayfever, heat, broken sandals and traffic

So the counselling session was all booked. I was running a bit later than I had wanted but thought it would be ok. One of the reasons I was running late is that I had ducked by a chemist to get some antihistamines for my hayfever. My speed of ducking was not helped by the fact that on the way back to my car my sandal broke. Guess that is what you get for having cheap shoes made in Vietnam!

Anyway, it was a lovely hot day and I had been walking and not drinking enough water. I got in to my car, put the antihistamine in my mouth (wanted to feel a bit more perky for my counselling session), was grappling for my water bottle when I started to feel nauseous. I almost got the bottle of water to my mouth when I managed to vomit over the car. A very inauspicious start to my career counselling. Was nowhere near home to have the time to go home before my counselling session. However, I somehow managed to miss myself completely. Loads of tissues later (knew hayfever preparation had to be good for something) and I was on my way.

Then got caught in a traffic jam. The saving grace to this was that the career counsellor was stuck in the same jam.

The outcome? I actually had a good session and have some clear steps to take forward what I want to do.


~ by Caroline on November 23, 2009.

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