Which course to take/which job to do?

According to some people, the hard work is now done.   I now have a much better idea of what type of career I want, both in terms of the nature of the work and the nature of the company I want to work for.

It has taken a while but I enjoy the mentoring/training work I have done in previous jobs and realise this is the kind of work I want to do full time. I have also come to the conclusion that I want to eventually work for myself.  I am pretty much over working for organisations that say one thing and do another.  But initially at least I want to get some further experience working for someone else!  And if I like the organisation then would be happy to stay there.

However, have hit that age old problem of all jobs needing experience.  So how do you get that experience?  Am looking at some volunteering options – tried one organisation but they were very vague – in terms of getting themselves organised as opposed to not wanting me.  At least I hope that it is the case.

Had a busy weekend writing job applications for jobs I am not completely qualified for so will see how I go.  One of them had a ridiculous number of selection criteria to address, particularly for the pay they were offering!  Whilst I think selection criteria can be useful in considering applications, surely they should be the key skills.  These were pretty repetitive.

But am enjoying working part time – has made my current job so much more tolerable.  I may have some consultancy work over January, helping an not-for-profit with a background brief to direct their strategic planning.  Not quite what I want to do but heading in the right direction and hopefully will gain some good contacts.

I have also had a look at training courses and there are just way too many options.  Do I want to do another uni degree, bachelor or postgrad, or a TAFE course or something else all together?  I have been amazed at the options.  There are quite a few private courses on life coaching but they don’t give a formal qualification and how do you tell which ones are good quality?

But at least it is all exciting and new!


~ by Caroline on December 7, 2009.

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