A bit overwhelmed

Hmm have been madly applying for jobs/courses and now feel a bit overwhelmed! Have been accepted for a bridging course in psychology at one Uni, could do some career development studies or maybe a financial counselling qualification.

Have also had two job interviews. One went quite well – for a financial literacy program and at the end of the interview they asked if I wasn’t successful this time around would I be interested in a similar job as they have a few coming up. I think they thought I was suitable for the job, it will just depend on the qualifications of other applicants. It was with a not-for-profit and it felt great when I walked in to their office. Felt a bit like this is where I belong – I have previously worked for a not-for-profit but as an accountant and no longer want to do that.

The other job interview was not brilliant but I knew I wasn’t as qualified as they were looking for and the job interview was a bit wierd – asking questions that you could look up on the internet if you had half a brain, but not something you needed to know per se. More focussed on knowledge than skills. Mind you they also explained what the main role would be – organising career events rather than actual career counselling so not sure I want it anyway. But a great experience and helped clarify where I do want to work.


~ by Caroline on December 18, 2009.

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