Closer to that job

So I am in the third month of my new job and while it is not perfect, I feel like I am much closer to the career that I really want.  I think the perfect job doesn’t really exist, there is always something you don’t like about a job.  But what percentage of the job am I willing to accept as not perfect?

The one thing I have gotten out of this job is that I love the autonomy I have.  I work in an office by myself and basically I decide, within reason what I do each day to reach the outcome that I am supposed to reach.  There have been some wierd budgetary constraints placed on that have to some extent limited what I can do.  Wierd in that I am allowed to spend money on making files look pretty – files that basically only I look at and to show off to the internal auditors once a year but not on activities that might actually recruit people to the program I am running.  Recruitment has been quite challenging!  I think my files are fine as they are – they contain the information they need and it is not that much information that it is tricky to find.  Whereas I could badly use the money I am now spending on plastic sleeves etc for marketing.

I am also enjoying working with people – I love hearing the different stories have to tell and really like not having to spend too much time writing reports that are never read.  Something I have done a bit of in previous jobs!

So where to from here?  I think I would like to take what I am doing now and make it in to my own business.  I work with people on low incomes but can see that what I would do would be of benefit to those on slightly higher incomes.  Good personal financial management is certainly important in helping people achieve their other goals.

I would also like to work with people setting up small business advice – the strategic start up side of things.  I would love to be a sounding board for people considering setting up their own business and assisting them to find information to get going.

All I need now is the courage to set out on my own.  And in doing so scaring the pants of my parents who have also been salaried employees!


~ by Caroline on April 25, 2010.

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