Nobody is coming to my party

One of my greatest fears has always been that I would hold a party and no one turns up.  So my usual policy is to avoid arranging that sort of thing. But in this new job, I have to arrange a launch for the community development program I am setting up. And all my nightmares are coming true!  No one wants to come to my party.  I have just spent the day chasing up RSVPs and have had a lot of rejections.

And when did it suddenly become ok not to RSVP to an invitation?  How hard it is to send an email saying you can’t make it?  The worst offenders have been school principals which probably explains why manners aren’t what they used to be.  Plus I know feel very old after saying that.  I am starting to sound like my grandmother and I am only 40.

The new job I have requires me to be a bit of a jack of all trades.  I have to sell my program to other people (it doesn’t cost them anything though), do all the admin, one-on-one case management and set up and run training courses.

I am ok on the admin, case management and training but I am finding the whole selling and marketing deal very challenging to say the least.  I really believe in the program I am working on but still feel uncomfortable ringing people up and trying to convince them to refer people to me, advertised the program and generally support the program. So any tips and tricks to get people on board are much appreciated.

Off to have a glass of wine to recover from my traumatic day


~ by Caroline on April 27, 2010.

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