How to overcome the fear

So I want to set up my own business. But I just find it such a scary prospect. So how do you overcome that fear.  I think part of my problem is that having worked as part of an accounting firm managing insolvent companies, I have seen too many businesses go under with owners left with nothing except a large pile of debts.

Not having parents who are business owners has not helped.  I think they are even more terrified of setting up a business than me.  And whilst I am now over 40 and should be out from under my parents influences, they are just so damned ingrained.  I mention quitting my job and setting up a business to my mother and the look of fear that she gets is terrifying! I know she only wants what is best for me but I am not sure my idea of what is best for me is the same as her idea.  My mother is still waiting for me to get married.  She can’t understand that I am quite happy being single and certainly a lot happier than some of my married friends!

Having said that I think my current job is giving me the kick in the butt that I need to go out and set up my own business.  I want to have more control over what I am doing.  I want the organisation I work for to reflect my values.  I know it will be crazy hard work but surely that is worth it if you get to build something you are proud of.

I want to be able to combine my skills in mentoring people with my business and accounting skills.  I am starting to refine what that is likely to look like.  It might be less strategic and more around accounts than I would like at least initially but I think I need to get some more experience around issues businesses face.

So off to start my business plan and work out what I need to do to get that business going!


~ by Caroline on July 12, 2010.

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